Saturday, April 25, 2015

Resurrection REVIEW: Simple Spotless Skin Blackhead Eliminating Face Scrub

I know-I know.. like a new post? On this blog?! Who knew this place even existed, right? Not giving any promises here, but I’ll try my best to entertain you people. So here goes nothing!

The other day (like 2 weeks ago) I made a quick trip to my local Rosalind to replace my dear old liquid liner, but obviously I couldn’t leave the store with just  ONE product, right? That would have been insanely boring. So there I was, wondering around between the counters when I stumbled on a bunch of Simple skincare products. I’ve seen a lot of US and UK beauty gurus talking about this brand so I naturally didn’t even think I could get my hands on it in Estonia. BUT GUESS WHAT? Good old faithful Rosalind still manages to suprise me. After careful consideration I decided for starters to bring home this lil baby:


So what the backside of the tube claims:

  • results from day 1;
  • perfect blend of spot fighting ingredients and natural antibacterial goodness;
  • removes dead skin cells, dirt and impurities;
  • suitable for sensitive skin.

So what exactly makes this face scrub a Simple Goodness that is supposed to give results from day 1? Zinc PCA absorbs excess oils, chamomile acts as a skin soothing anti-irritant, witch hazel tones and tightens pores and phytosphingosine (the natural antibacterial) helps fight spots and blackheads. And to conclude the list it is said that the product has no perfume or colour.

So what are my thoughts so far? First of all, it retails for 7.50€ or so (at least in Rosalind). And as the tube is only 75ml it kind of made me squint, but okay whatever. Now the ‘results from day 1’ is usually a hoax and wasn’t really the reason for my purchase, but I ain’t even mad. I have combination skin with blackheads mainly on my nose and chin area and other blemishes occasionally roaming around my face as they wish. So I’m always interested in blackhead removing products as they just don’t seem to leave my skin alone. *sigh*

Spoiler alert: after using this face scrub for about 2 weeks, I still have blackheads. No miracles. At least not yet.
BUT nevertheless it is a really good product! I find myself using it pretty much every day after removing my make-up. It does have a light scent that I’m not a huge fan of (but doesn’t really bother me either), kind of planty/leafy scent (probably chamomile) and contains really fine grains so it actually is very gentle on your skin.


I love how it leaves my skin soft and feeling really-really clean, but not dry. Although my blackheads are still present, I feel like the scrub has kind of calmed them down along with the other blemishes and I seem to have a bit more control over the condition of my skin.

So the verdict: no miracles, but you get a reasonably lovely product that does what a face scrub is supposed to do while being gentle on your skin and maintaining the overall blemish-situation you might have going on. And we’ll see – maybe even the stubborn blackheads will eventually start disappearing.

Overall score? I’ll give it a decent 4/5. Will I be repurchasing? Maybe. I have a decent amount of product left, so in case I don’t find a new blackhead removing product, I might reach for this again.

I’m extremely open to all suggestions regarding blackhead removal, so feel free to hit me up in the comments!



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